RAW Pocket Ashtray

RAW Pocket Ashtray

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Difficult rules call for simple measures, and RAW proved it! RAW pocket Ashtray was a special invention for Japan as ashing on street is illegal there. Simple but smart, right? Although you may not need it here by the rule, this pocket ashtray is cool enough to be your prized possession as a smoker, and a responnsible one too! With heat-resistant inner foil to extinguish the ash before your butt catches fire, and a snap button that never spills smoking secrets, this ashtray is nothing but a smart smoking accessory to buy right away! BUY RIGHT AWAY!

• Small enough to fit in your pocket

• Features a heat-resistant inner foil

• Sturdy snap button that contains the ash in the pocket

• Super Cool

Product Details

• Size when closed: 3" x 3 1/2"

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