RAW Classic Rolls Slim - 5 Meters

RAW Classic Rolls Slim - 5 Meters

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When you buy Raw, you get rolling papers just to your liking! For all the prosmokers out there who love to have control over the size of your rolling paper, RAW's Classic Rolls is the apt choice. These classic papers are, just like their tag, CLASSIC! They are pure, unbleached, ultra-thin, and everything that you want your sheet to be. And when you know you love it, why not order an entire box that comes with 24 packs, each having a 5m classic roll?

• Chorine-free, unrefined paper

• Natural, transluscent, and ultra-thin

• Burns smooth and slow, just how you love it!

• Gives you freedom over the size of your smoke

Product Details

• Rolls Per Box: 24

• Size Per Roll: 5 Meters (15 Feet)

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