GREENGO Brown KS + Tips

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GreenGo King Size Slim Rolling papers with tips is a winning product of the European Product Awards in 2011! It was popular then, it is popular now! And the many reasons behind its success is GoGreen's quality and comradeship with nature. Crafted from all-natural wood pulp, these ultra-thin papers are unbleached and 100% chlorine-free. And guess what?? They come with chlorine-free, unbleached filter tips!! Yes, if you choose to buy these rolling papers, you don't need to look for filter tips separately.

• Proud winner of the European Product Awards 2011

• Unbleached, 100% chlorine-free papers

• Crafted using FSC certified wood pulp and natural Arabic gum

• Comes with filter tips

Product Details

• Leaves Per Booklet: 33

• Dimensions: 110mm x 44mm

• Filter Tips Per Booklet: 34

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