Top 4 types of Rolling Trays

Top 4 types of Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are an essential accessory for smokers. Rolling processes can be greatly streamlined and improved using trays. They hold all your smoking accessories and legal herb in one place. Rolling trays can range from being merely flat to having elaborate designs with sections and compartments. For loose herbs, many trays feature raised edges and sunken surfaces. There are many different design and size options for custom rolling trays, but you will often see rectangular pieces because that is the standard shape.

There are four types of rolling trays:

These trays are classified according to the materials they are made from. Our list includes the most popular rolling trays, citing their uniqueness, pros, and cons.

Metallic Rolling Trays:

Metallic trays are often affordable and durable. The trays are generally made out of metal sheets. There are a variety of sizes and designs available. Despite being less fancy, they are quite functional and can be fun collector's items.

Wooden Trays:

The designs and artwork on these are more colorful. These wooden trays have detailed designs and are made from planed wood. A wooden tray tends to cost a little more than plastic or metal because of its intricate design. It is less common to find wooden trays that only have a compartment carved into them. Even though a more complicated wooden piece might be difficult to transport, if you have the space, it will usually hold a lot.

Plastic Rolling Trays:

Rolling trays made of plastic are a great, affordable option for all kinds of needs. Since they're made of plastic, they're not as durable as wood or metal, but they still function well. A few plastic pieces have intricate details like storage compartments. You can easily move around with them or carry them when traveling.

Glass Rolling Trays:

Despite the fact that not all glass pieces are alike, you can still find some incredibly thick, durable pieces that will wow your guests and stand the test of time. There is a wide variety of sizes of glass trays, but they may not be as convenient to travel with as metal or plastic trays.

Benefits of Rolling Trays:

Smokers' accessories kit is incomplete without a rolling tray. This can be used for storing small, easily lost items like paper, lighters, and filters. This tray acts as a hub for all your small smoking accessories. You can always find your smoke supplies on a rolling tray when you're ready to roll. You can also utilize trays to collect stray smoking herbs instead of losing them.
By using a rolling tray, you're preventing your home's other surfaces from becoming sticky or dirty from smoke particles due to frequent use.

In addition to being a great tool for smoking, trays are also a fun way to show your personality! Be careful when describing yourself on your tray. Occasionally, trays are so extravagant that they become true art pieces. Trays make great personalized gifts because of their endless variety of designs and options. It doesn't matter what your friend or family member is into, there is bound to be a gift tray that suits them.


A rolling tray is essential whether you're a casual smoker or a seasoned puffer. Your rolling routine is enhanced and spiced up by a rolling tray. It makes it that much more thrilling! With us, you can be assured that we will provide the right quality branded rolling trays for all occasions. To view the trending trays catalog, Click here